Wifi is not showingup in available networks

Hi everyone,

I recently connected to my Magni Robot via wifi as mentioned in documentation and I gave a try to connect via Ethernet and it didn’t work. Now I want to set the Static IP on Raspi and try to connect via Ethernet.

But to connect to the raspi the wifi is not showing up and is there any debugging document available?

I am having some trouble determining what you want to do to connect to the Magni.

Below I will explain the 2 most popular ways to connect to the standard Magni software.

I have to assume you have a current Magni with rev 5.2 or rev 5.3 main MCB board and have a current Magni Image installed for your Magni. If this is true then you have an OLED 1.3" blue display on the right of your MCB board that I will discuss below in my instructions.

  1. Allow the magni to supply it’s built in AP (Wifi Access Point) and then connect to that wifi like you would connect to a standard home or office WiFi where you find the Magni wifi on your device and then set it up to connect to it using wifi password robotseverywhere. This is covered in this webpage and this mode is used with no ethernet cable connected to anything or things get more complicated. Connecting to the Robot - Magni Documentation
    Once the AP WiFi starts the blue led just on the right of the Magni board will blink at a slow 1 blink per second rate and the OLED display will show on 2nd line ‘’ which is the Raspberry Pi IP address once you have connected with your device.

For this method once you have your laptop on the Magni WiFi AP if it was a linux laptop you would then simply open a command console and use ‘ping’ to test to see if you can ‘talk’ to the Magni using a simple thing called a network ‘ping’ command. If you are able to get replies then you can use the ssh command on that linux laptop to get console(s) and run commands right on the Magni Raspberry Pi on the Magni.

  1. A second very popular way for lab usage or debug on the bench is to plug in the Raspberry Pi Ethernet cable to your home Ethernet Router. You cannot just plug direct to your pc, a router is required such as your home or office Ethernet. Once you do this your own home router will use ‘DHCP’ to assign an ethernet IP address suitable for your network to the raspberry pi and then this IP address will show up on the OLED display in a couple seconds after everything is powered up and fully running on the Magni (Can take up to a minute or so). For my lab network I will then see a new IP address suitable for my lab network show up which in my case is This address is set by your own router.

For this example #2 you would then have some other pc on your own network running linux perhaps and you could then test in a console on your pc using ‘ping’ This would normally send several short ‘ping’ messages and would if all is well show you replies that packets are working. After that you could then use ssh to login to to then have command windows on the Raspberry Pi.

Refer to Connecting to the Robot - Magni Documentation for a great deal more information on assorted other ways to connect to the Magni.