What version of Ros is installed on the magni?

I was wondering what version of ros comes installed on the magni?
I am asking this question because I am trying to run a VFH code on the magni, but I am unsure if it would be compatible. The code mentions that it was done for ROS1

The current Raspberry Pi images are based on 32 bit Ubuntu 16.04 with ROS 1 Kinetic. Being 32 bit, it can’t really support ROS 2, but we’re planning on releasing an image with 64 bit Ubuntu 20.04 with ROS 1 Noetic + ROS 2 Foxy with a bridge for the old software. There are still some issues to resolve on the driver side by broadcom since even Raspbian 64 bit is very experimental right now, so it’s not clear when we’ll be able to get it done exactly.

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