VM Virtual Box Error


Hi there! I’m trying to set up the VM Image that is available on the website as I am running a Windows system and the robot requires a Linux System. However, everytime I try to run the image through Virtual Box, I get the following errors.

Has anyone ever had this issue and are there any pointers for resolving it? Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hey @NmNm,

Sorry to see that you are having issues. I have a couple questions.

What options are presented when you click Change Network Settings?

Looks like you are Windows 10, which has some known issues with virtualbox unfortunately.
Try these threads:


Robot Platform Engineer


Thanks for the suggestions Rohan! I looked at the pages and it seems that although that was the issue, there may have been an issue with the way my system was set up. However, I have found a new system that allows me to run the Ubuntu VM.