Visual interface

Hello everybody, I’m new with Magni, and I want to know if exists a visual interface for managing the robot (Set goals, missions, etc), In order to provide a friendly interface to a fina user (non skilled operator for example).


Well a somewhat involved way to do it is via rviz, where you can see the robot move around and can set goals on the ground by clicking.

To use it with the magni itself, first link the robot to a workstation and install the magni_robot package. Afterwards you can launch rviz on the workstation using view_robot.launch as described here.

If the apt-get doesn’t find anything you haven’t added the repository yet.

So as not to confuse @hernandavidperez I have to comment here.

The RViz being mentioned is an experienced user interface for deep developers so not what you are asking about. A great deal more of complex things has to run before RViz can be used. RViz is a great thing but in no way is it ‘easy’ to use.

The only interface I can think of that is close to what you are looking for is an app called RobotCommander that can be found on PlayStore for android phones. The main person that supported that is not very active anymore but at least it offered a virtual front panel on the phone where you could use a sort of joystick to move the robot around. It also had a way to drive the robot to some place and define a waypoint then tell the robot later to go back to that waypoint. It had some voice recognition features as well.

The RobotCommander app is no longer actively tested by our test group and has remained in what is called an ‘Internal Beta’ so it is not supported BUT you may get lucky an maybe it works.

Consider it something to mess with.

The second thing we do support is use of the LogiTech F710 which is not an application but does allow you to plug in the usb dongle and at least drive around manually.

The Magni platform is meant as a way for persons to develop their own ROS based robots by use of our and other persons Open Source code and your own software engineering. So far our model has been to encourage people to develop robots and don’t really offer some sort of complete robotics system that is specific in some way or another.