Structural metal parts

Is there a supplier of the metal parts used in the construction of Magni that I can order from in order to expand upon the robot frame?

The metal parts are specified and formed by our manufacturing facility. What we could do to make things easier for your needs would be to precisely show things like the hole sizes and hole spacings located all over our chassis.

I will try to identify these specs and include on our learn pages.

As for right now, I don’t have a good answer except to take measurements on a real unit. Sorry, thank you for your input, it points out an area we can do more on to help users.

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My thought is to add a second top plate about 3 feet up from current top plate and mount a Jetson processor with Pi Camera(s) for vision support and perhaps general robot decision making functions based upon machine learning functions.

I would be interested in Ubiquity supplying a kit including the structural components similar to those used in the current base. Perhaps with four corner supports and a similar top plate as current. With the ability to add another shelf at the mid point and sufficient strength to add left and right arms in the future.

How much weight would you need to be supported by the upper platform or other platforms? I am asking this because we have an active project with adjustable elevated platforms and a top mounted camera pointing slightly down with early prototype stage at this time.
It comes out to about a meter high total (this off the top of my head).

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We can supply you the parts that you want as a special order if you’d like. If its simple (e.g. send more parts of the same type that the robot currently has) then its inexpensive and relatively easy. We ourselves have built Jetson Nano holders in a “sandwich” of 2 additional risers and an additional top plate. If its elaborate (e.g. a custom designed part) we can do it for you but we’d need to start billing engineering hours to you.

We can custom build practically any kind of sheet metal item you need. So let us know.

Can you reach out to me personally on and I will find a way to get you what you need.

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My current thoughts are for an elevated top plate to support:

Above top plate:

one or two cameras on a pair of servos
two microphones
one air quality sensor array
sbc board and supporting electronics

below top plate:

stereo speakers
support for two robot arms carrying objects

Total weight of the above not to exceed 100 kilos