Status LED is not blinking

Status LED on the magni silver robot is not blinking. It stays lit when the robot is powered on, what does it indicates?

Also, I’m not able to drive the robot after this thing happened.

Hello, sorry there are some issues. Let’s do a little bit of debug.
Disconnect your usb to serial port for these tests.
Go to this page:

Report back here your findings for the two main power leds on the ‘switch board’ and more importantly what you see for on this page the ‘Part 1’ verifications and then part 1.2

Also tell me the version of the MCB which is written in large white print on the top left side of the main MCB board. If it is not seen easily there on the edge see this page for earlier versions:

Thanks, Mark

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the response.

Both main power led and motor power leds are lit when I power up the robot (i.e., when the two switches are pulled out)

Part 1: MCB Hardware Level Verification

1.1 Power Supply And Status LED Indications

I have Rev 5.3 board, four power leds are lit and the status led is lit too which is giving solid blue color and it’s never blinking. 3.3v power indicator led is on.

1.2 The Electronic Circuit Breakers And Power Indicators

" On the lower left of the main board a blue LED will be ON if the Main ECB has been enabled due to the main power switch being set to the out position. The main switch is black and is to the left on the little switch board." - Yes, I see “LED11/24V_Main” is on when I pull out the main power switch

“On the lower right of the main board a blue LED will be ON if the ESTOP switch is set to the out position AND the main power switch is also in the out position.” - I assume, ESTOP refers to Motor power switch and I see “LED1/24V_Motor” is on when I pull out the motor power switch.

All power supplies are working. We have had some failures in the 5V supply so I wanted to be sure that was not this issue. That is the ‘good news’.

I think that the next step is to look for a new issue and we will try to see if the microprocessor on the MCB is able to run at all in very early code that we use for the selftest. This may not work because it will depend on what firmware the factory loaded for your mcb but lets try it.

Do you have a 0.1" jumper that is very common on assorted cards used in PCs and other systems? It is a 2-connection little thing with plastic around it that can be placed over two pins of a 0.1" spacing to enable or set options.

If you have such a jumper then look at the back of your MCB where the battery compartment is for a 3-pin jack near the center of the board with label P706 that sticks out the back of the board. There is only ONE 3-pin jack in middle of board on back.

We want to turn off the power switch for the magni then put the jumper between TP4 that is the bottom pin and the center pin. This enables a more complex self test that will make the robot rotate one way then back again a couple seconds after power-on.

If you have some other way to connect those 2 pins that is ok too. The pins only have to be detected as connected in the first second of time from when the power switch is turned on.

For this test to work you must also have the red switch not in ESTOP so that the motors have power.

See if you can get the wheels to move like that and let me know.

Always after you power on the robot the ‘STATUS’ led on the right should always be off for about 2 seconds then turn on for a half second or so then blink off for a half second and THEN turn on for the 5 seconds with short blink every so often.

We have selftest now so IF you see some sort of other complex pattern of blinking if you can record it with your phone video camera that may also tell us what is wrong.


I followed the instructions as you mentioned,

  1. Powered off the magni silver
  2. Connected P706 and TP4 with a jumper
  3. Made sure the motor power switch is turned-on/pulled-out so that the motor gets the power as soon as I turn on main power switch.
  4. Finally turned on the main power switch.

I noticed that 4 power leds and status led are lighted up one after the other sequentially from left to right and it stays in the ON state as long as the board is powered.

I don’t see any movement from the wheels and any pattern of blinking from the status led.

I feel that something has gone wrong. Please send an email to
In the subject line say ‘ATTN MJ: Failed MCB Rev 5.3’

In the email body say suspected failed MCB with reference to forum post 822 or

We will take this up in the email.
Sorry for whatever reason you are in this state now.