ROS2 support and when

Do you guys intend to get magni working on ROS2 soon? Any dates to that as well? Mind if I took a look at the development?

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Hi @cowabunga,

We do want to get Magni working on ROS2, but we have not made any concrete plans to do this yet.
If you would like to contribute, I think some good candidates to start with are raspicam_node, fiducials, and move_basic.

Lead Software Engineer

As an aside looks like a solid project.

Perhaps you could add a Magini support layer to that project rather than starting from scratch?

We are already talking to Pito at Brandeis University about writing a curriculum. ROS 2 is also being planned, but first we need to get ARM64 Noetic out the door.

If you want to get a jumpstart or help us along, take a shot at converting raspicam_node or move_basic to ROS 2.

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Raspicam2 exists.

What did you think of the suggestion of collaborating with Linorobot2? They already have a working Navigation2 stack.

Well perhaps, though using the ros1_bridge we can simply run our existing stack without any real changes required outright, with only the camera and motor controller being ROS2 native.

I tried Getting any camera to work on a ARM 64 Raspberry Pi Ubuntu 22.04. No luck.