ROS Nodes Hanging

Hi all, I’m using the ubiquity image to publish commands over serial port to my robot to control it. However I’ve noticed that sometimes the publishing node will hang for 100s of ms or sometimes even as much as 1s.

Is this a common issue and is there a way of alleviating it? Perhaps increasing the priority of the node/core? The PI is only running at 30% capacity so there’s plenty of compute left, but I’m guessing some higher priority task takes over and blocks ROS

Hmm not sure what could be the cause. Btw are you using a magni robot or a communicating with a custom microcontroller for another robot? If so you might want to recheck if all the magni related nodes and services are disabled and removed so there aren’t any conflicts.

If you are using wifi try a direct lan connection to see if this is a wifi issue.
If you are not using the magni robot itself see this page to offer tips on turning off magni specific code and nodes.

Both of the above pages were made to help people who are not running the Magni robot itself. The image is enabled to support the Magni product thus you should review and use the info on above pages if there is no Magni product.

Good luck,

It’s communicated with a custom microcontroller. I have disabled all the magni related items as best I can tell, so it sounds like it’s something else but I’ll take another look through to make sure