Robot Commander - Find object info needed


When I run the robot commander app I see there is a “find (target)” option.

What are the list of “targets” and can I add some of my own as well?


If you look at the documentation here:

You can see that this uses the inbuilt DNN coupled to the camera to find objects in the room. It can recognize about 20 different pre-trained objects namely:

aeroplane, bicycle, bird, boat, bottle, bus, car, cat, chair, cow, dining table, dog, horse, motorbike, person, potted plant, sheep, sofa, train, tv monitor

You can add your own but you’d need to re-train the DNN on the robot to do that - this is non-trivial.


In all my attempts to find objects using the robot commander app I have yet to get Magni to move or find any object.

What gives?


You need to have the dnn node (deep neural network based classifier) running on the robot before you can have this functionality work.

On the robot run:
roslaunch magni_demos dnn_rotate.launch



Is there a way to know whether the dnn node is running?


You can run rosnode list and see if dnn_detect and dnn_rotate are running.