Robot Commander - Find object info needed

When I run the robot commander app I see there is a “find (target)” option.

What are the list of “targets” and can I add some of my own as well?

If you look at the documentation here:

You can see that this uses the inbuilt DNN coupled to the camera to find objects in the room. It can recognize about 20 different pre-trained objects namely:

aeroplane, bicycle, bird, boat, bottle, bus, car, cat, chair, cow, dining table, dog, horse, motorbike, person, potted plant, sheep, sofa, train, tv monitor

You can add your own but you’d need to re-train the DNN on the robot to do that - this is non-trivial.

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In all my attempts to find objects using the robot commander app I have yet to get Magni to move or find any object.

What gives?

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You need to have the dnn node (deep neural network based classifier) running on the robot before you can have this functionality work.

On the robot run:
roslaunch magni_demos dnn_rotate.launch


Is there a way to know whether the dnn node is running?

You can run rosnode list and see if dnn_detect and dnn_rotate are running.

Hi @rohbotics, @davecrawley

I was reading this thread and was interested to test it out,

when I command ‘‘find person’’, Magni just “rotates 360 degrees” to find a person, on the same spot and does not actually “move” around the room to find a person, why is that?

and also if the person is a bit far away , but within line of sight, Magni does not recognize the person and instead just rotates to a wall and returns back “rotated to person” , do you know why?

but even if Magni has found a person (I have to be very close to it…) , it just “rotates to point to the person” , it does not move close to the person…,

is there a version that actually makes Magni to “move” around the room to find objects?
instead of just rotating on the same spot everytime…, (because the room is bigger and I want Magni to actually go around the room and detect objects with the camera , instead of just rotating around on the same spot…)



Any thoughts?