Resource not found: Raspicam Node

Hello, I am trying to run the Magni on Ubuntu 16.04 and Gazebo 7. I have followed the directions outlined here: and am able to spawn the Magni in an empty world. However when I attempt to run a demo and input the command roslaunch magni_demos simple_navigation.launch I get the following error:

How can I fix this and launch the navigation demo?

So this is an interesting one, because the robot side code tries to run raspicam, but that fails when in simulation.

The easy workaround is to put raspicam_node in your catkin_ws, it has a special compile mode to create a fake executable on x86 platforms. That way roslaunch will still be able to launch it, even though it isn’t needed. Note that the fake node will die immediately, causing an error print in the roslaunch log, but it shouldn’t cause an issue.

Can you open an issue on magni_robot so that we its logged as an issue that needs a more thorough solution in the future?



Thanks for the quick response on this. I downloaded the raspicam_node into my catkin_ws from here: However I am getting a new error when I run the command 'roslaunch raspicam_node camerav2_1280x960_10fps.launch.

Yes that is expected if you try to directly launch raspicam, but aruco_detect should keep running even if raspicam dies.