Questions about the P601 pins and power suppy to Lidar sensor

Hello, I’m building a robot that uses the magni chassis and the ubiquity board 5.0, on this P601 there are 24V, GND, motor and board supply. Is the 24V supply treated somewhere before on the board or is is the same as the battery input? How is is affected when connected to a lead-acid battery charger? Since the charger goes through some different stages during the charging process, is it even recommended to have the board connected and supplied during the charging?
Thanks for the help.

P601 is the jack that connects to the little board we call the ‘Switch Board’ which has the main and motor power switches. This jack has the MCB ground on it which has come from the ‘BAT GND’ to the battery through a polarity protection circuit. The other power signal is direct to our FUSE but if the fuse is ok then consider this direct to the lead acid battery + lead.

These two should be considered basically directly across the batteries with no circuit protection of any kind except a polarity protect power mosfet to prevent damage if battery is connected backwards.

We do have power conditioning that happens AFTER what is seen on P601.

When connected to the battery charger that goes to the XLR connector on the switch board you can consider the signals on J601 to be directly connected to the battery charger itself.

You can and most people do have the MCB connected when charging. This is because we have two protection circuits on the board. One is for main 24V power that feeds our onboard 12V and 5V regulators and a second protection circuit is for motor power to the power mosfets that will do the high current driving to the motor coils.