Questions about MCB v5.3

Hello everyone,

I wanted to know if the MCB v5.3 has support for ROS2, I know that previous board had various internal codes that published information on the board so the software could interact with it. Does v5.3 have for ROS2 or only for ROS?

Thank you!

The issue of support for ROS2 is more a question of if the Ubiquity Pi4 images have support for ROS2. I know it was in progress and am checking with the team. There is no reason the 5.3 board (my area of expertise) could not support ROS2. I myself have run ROS2 on a few of my own bots but don’t recall the status of the official Ubiqutity Images for Pi4 with all our software. It has been an area work has been done, just not sure if it got released. Mark

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As a followup I can offer this additional information. We do not as of yet have a ROS2 implementation for the Magni 5 product line. (Magni 5 is the current shipping platform that we have been supplying for a couple years). There are plans to introduce ROS2 with the next platform release however there is no firm date for the release of that platform to be delivered in the future. Take care and we hope to help you in our future products.

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