Preventing Theft/vandalism of Magni Robot in public

We have somewhat of a unique situation.

We will be using our Magni outside and maybe sometimes unsupervised.

Has anyone have any experience with preventing theft/vandalism of the robot?
Any creative ideas that have deterred people from touching it?

Well you could put one of those signs on it for deterrence.

Joking aside, that’s a pretty good question that hasn’t been really looked into a whole lot yet for the Magni, since most applications for it feature some sort of controlled indoor space.

Starship robots do operate unsupervised outside, and feature some sort of loud siren that screeches if they’re ever picked up or messed with, and apparently none have been stolen to date. So I suppose that’s a good place to start.

Opting for the larger battery type would also make it unfeasibly heavy to easily pick up.

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Thanks, we will continue experimenting and update this thread if we come up with anything.

If you put your own plastic shell on the Magni for the final product you may be able to conceal a device such as the ‘tile tracker’ between layers of your plastic shell. This does not prevent theft but may be of value for tracking it down later. Magni itself is rather open so it would be tough to hide a ‘tile tracker’ in the magni as it is off the shelf.