Power Switch stopped working

Hello everyone!

The power switch of our magni robot is not working - the raspberry is always on.
The motor switch works as usual and both Blue and Red S/W too.
I was hopping you could help us do the troubleshooting or advise us on what should we do.

Thank you in advance!

Please identify the version of the main board per this page:

Also on same page identify the switch board you have (at end of the page)

When you say Blue and Red switch do you mean that when the left switch (black top) is out the Blue led is on on the switch board and when you push in the black switch the blue led goes off?

What happens to the row of 5 blue leds on main board when the blue switch is ‘out’ and the blue led is off?

Thank you,

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I have the version 5.1 of the main board and the version 2.0 of the switch board.

When I press down the black switch the blue led lights up and when is out the blue led goes off (I think is the normal behaviour).

But the 5 blue leds never go off, regardless the black switch position. And the raspberry does not turn off either. All leds only turn off when I unplug the batteries.

Thank you so much for the availability!

Good info. Next few questions are these:

  • Is it true that the single led off on the lower left of the MCB board always on as well as the 5 leds and Pi? I think your answer will be ‘yes’ but it is important to be sure. This led is one led to the left of where the switch board 14 pin connector is. You cannot miss it if it is on, it is bright. It has a label of ‘LED1_ECB_POW’ as well.

  • Do you use any of the 5V or 12V auxillary power or main power the board offers? The main connectors for this power is the two white 4-pin big connectors at the top of the board labeled with ‘MAIN’ or ‘AUX’ (both of these offer user power where we prefer use of ‘AUX’ first by customers.

  • Since your board is rev 5.1 can you tell me if the large plug in fuses are green or purple which helps me know what order of boards this was from. Better yet if you have a white bar code tag on the board can you tell me the full number because that identifies the date the board was made exactly. I have seen many of the boards with purple fuse don’t have the tag which was a production oversight.


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I forgot to ask if the switch ever worked for a while THEN stopped working or has always been bad?

Also please try to take a picture with all power OFF the best you can do of all the area in the lower left of the board. I want to check and look for issues with parts or contamination on the board.
If you can remove the switch board for this picture it will allow seeing the area much better.
You can turn off power and REMOVE RED BATTERY CABLE. Then unscrew 2 screws for the switch board and the switch board can then pull out of the connector on the MCB for better picture. Take a couple pictures and one picture showing if you have any custom cables hooked to the MCB.


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Hello Mark,
So according to your questions:

  • Yes, the LED labeled 'LED1_ECB_POW’ is always on as well.
  • No, I don’t use any of the 5V or 12V auxillary power or main power the board offers.
  • The large plug is green and the number of the white code bar is 3935SM043.
  • The switch worked and then stoped working.

These pictures were taken following your instructions: unplugging the batteries and with the switch board pulled out. If you need more info let me know.

Once again thank you very much!

I had tried to send you a message from this forum but got a message that that feature is disabled. I will look into that. In the mean time we are going to add an email for our support issues so details for getting a board fixed can be discussed offline. The email would go to people doing repairs so it would be an easier process. It is a holiday but we hope to get that setup soon, perhaps this week.

If this is a very urgent issue please say so and I will get you other information for contact information on one of our direct emails.

Sorry you are seeing this problem and please stand by

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