One wheel doesn't engage


So my company got two and one works and one only does circles due to one wheel is not getting any power
the wiring looks fine anyone else have this problem.


Sorry you are experiencing this. All the robots had a live driving test before leaving the factory. Please check the following.

  1. With the robot powered up, for the wheel that seems to have a problem if you try to move it manually does it resist or does it free-wheel?
  2. If it resists what is the nature of the resistance - is it smooth or is it chunky?
  3. If it free wheels with the robot on can you look at the odometery topic to see if as you move the wheel the odometery also changes.
  4. Thank you for checking the wiring, I would double check all the wiring starting from the axle of the wheel outwards, you should see an inline socket and plug make sure its pushed firmly together (its very tight) , then check both wire to board connectors (there are 2 one for odometery sensors and one for power). Make sure the pigtails of the cables are in them and that they are tightly screwed down.


Now this just happened didn’t do anything yet it just started a fire



OK let me come and see it in person if possible - reach out to me on to arrange. We must get to root cause for this issue.


Sorry your email doesn’t work


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