New app or software for Magni?

Hi Support, All,

I have had Magni for a while now,

are there any new updates to the softwares on ROS? such as new Apps updates or softwares updates for mapping and navigation, path planning, obstacles avoidances upgrades etc…?

We are getting very near to many cool things that are likely to happen about June.

But closer in to that point we are working hard on getting a shipable Magni release on the Ubuntu 20.04 codebase that will run Noetic ROS. This we will release for Raspberry Pi 4 usage so your MCB needs to be rev 5.2 or 5.3

What will happen ‘somewhere around June’ will be a really innovative navigation update but I cannot announce it right now. I feel it is a groundbreaking development so watch for that. The actual date is not determined as it is a LOT of work but we continue to make progress on that new mode of navigation.

@mjstn2011 ,

ok sounds very exciting, so will I/we get this new software update as well in June? (I think my MCB is new enough),
and where will it be announced? is there a link or place that I can regularly check for these updates, and other updates etc…,

We have a formal place to announce actual paid products but we do not have a very organized way to announce things we make available for free usage. Free usage things tend to show up with a ‘possible’ announcement here on this forum like I have done in the past for some lidar things. Our ‘free’ things will always show up on our company github but you may have to poke around so it is not like it is announced there. That is at this top level: Ubiquity Robotics · GitHub

The actual products we announce are on this page: Shop - Ubiquity Robotics

The new and exciting Lidar navigation software is not yet available as a free download and that is still being discussed if we can offer some basic version of it later in this year. Do not quote me on June, I am just throwing that out as a sort of rough target date. So if you want to see the full version to get an idea of the basic abilities that would be a subset of it, you can look for EZ Map here EZ Map Pro - Ubiquity Robotics Again, I must make it very clear that what we offer for free will be a basic version of this but even so, that is very exciting.

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  1. ok, so are you saying later on, the free basic version of EZ Map pro will be put on your main github, is that right? if so, that would be exciting and I’m looking forward to it.

  2. I looked at the EZ Map Pro link, it’s quite brief …, do you have a video of it in action in show case?

  3. And will this work with the Rplidar A1? (which I already installed on my Magni)

No I did not say for the Pro version. I said we are hoping to have a ‘basic’ version of EZ Map. It will not contain the features of Pro. This is a similar way a great many apps are done. We want to offer a basic version on the github, the Pro version is an actual product and that is not to be given away.

There will not be direct Rplidar support it will be like before where you would have to put in the rplidar driver just like I did and showed you how to do for regular nav.

We also are trying to find an approved lower cost lidar but I cannot say when that will be approved. Approval for use in a product is an involved process.

@mjstn2011 , ok but then I saw EZ Map pro is already in your store at EZ Map Pro - Ubiquity Robotics

is that ready for us to purchase and download? and could I use it on my Magni? my board is Rev 5.2

I think you are talking about: EZ Map Pro - Ubiquity Robotics

That is a product and that has a price very clearly stated on that page. I am talking about our ‘hopes’ to make a simple version that would be in some new github repo like many of the other software products we give away for free. Obviously the free version would not contain the features of the ‘Pro’ version. This way of doing products and apps is very common for a great many software products. Should we be able to offer a free version it would still be fun to use and IMHO a wonderful thing to be giving away for free.