Marker models for gazebo

Hey everyone, i wanted to know if there are pre designed gazebo models of the fiducial markers available on the web. I couldn’t find them so far and was wondering if any one designed them that i could use to develop a simulation.

Thank you!

I believe the answer is yes but it is not my area. I will pass this request on to a team member who is involved in our gazebo simulations.

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There is a world with ceiling mounted markers grid in magni_robot
you can start it simply with roslaunch magni_gazebo fiducial_world.launch - this will also launch the magni robot inside it. You can also control the grid’s position in fiducial_grid_spawn.launch

Otherwise for more specific placements you will probably have to insert the images of the markers into Gazebo yourself which is not complicated to do and can be done through the UI i believe.

thank you! i didnt know you could drag images into the gazebo, thought we had to make a model of the image to import it, i have very little experience with gazebo.