Magnisilver top speed

Greetings, I have a question regarding magnisilver maximum speed. What is magnisilver maximum speed as the product catalog stated to be 1m/s with software limitation.

What is the maximum speed of magnisilver should the limatation be removed.


The speed cap is actually 1.1m/s right now, but to uncap it you’d need to change the MCB firmware which is encrypted. So not entirely something that could be done easily and I doubt anyone’s ever attempted it.

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Thank you for your reply, but I am abit confuse as it mentioned on the product specification that the maximum speed of 1m/s is limited by a software and did not mentioned anything about the firmware. It also stated we can request it to move faster but did not show the instruction to do so. That’s why I was hoping that someone has done it before to learn from them.

Hmm perhaps I’m misinformed on the topic, @mjstn2011 would probably know more.

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