Magni's hardware documentation - multiple revisions (SCH, pinouts)


My name is Denis and I work at 33Robotics, a start-up in the segment of Robotics.

I’m a new employee at the company and I’m struggling with the Hardware documentation of Ubiquity Robotics’s Magni and its boards.

We have the following material list from Ubiquity Robotics:

1x Aluminum chassis

1x Sonar sensor board

1x Single upward facing camera

1x Power board (the one the the power switch, the emergency stop and the connector)

1x Charger

4x Motor Control Boards

Through the silk screen on the board i can confirm that we have these revisions:

1x Rev. 8

3x Rev. 5

9x 200W hub motors - differential drive

I found on the website just one Hardware related documentation: The “Magni - Master Control Board Pinout.pdf” but this document doesn’t references any board revision.

And the connections and connectors pointed on the document doesn’t represents what I could verify in my boards (revs. 5).

It has been told to me that some boards are malfunctioning, or even damaged… I need a hardware documentation to perform some basic troubleshooting and electric verifications.

It would be perfect if you provide to me ASAP the following:

- Schematics

- Pinouts (of my material list)

- Remarks, notes or instruction of voltage / current limitations and constraints of the circuits and connections.


anyone? it is important to me