Magni with Ubuntu 20.04

Hi, I am trying to run the Magni Silver’s mapping functions with Ubuntu 20.04 and ROS Noetic. I’ve downloaded and flashed the latest Noetic image onto the SD card and have a dual boot Ubuntu 20.04 workstation.

However once connected to the robot, I am unable to find the package “ros-noetic-desktop-full” and must instead use “ros-noetic-desktop”.

This stops me from installing gazebo-ros-pkgs later and and from using any of the tutorial launch files mentioned in the documentation. Is there any workaround to installing ROS Noetic fully (gazebo documentation mentions not to install it from source if using ROS)?

I am not the best person to answer this but they will be along I expect in a day or two.

gazebo is generally only run on the desktop. We basically never run gazebo on the Raspberry Pi for one thing the Pi is just not enough of a computer to run gazebo and for another thing there is no desktop as you have found. I think there was a thought to have a very simple desktop ability because we now support a 7" Raspberry Pi display that runs the desktop but I very much doubt you can run ‘heavy’ gui apps like gazebo on that.

So what do we do? We run the desktop (normally a laptop) on the same version of Ubuntu, in this case 20.04, and then setup the desktop to be a ROS slave to the ROS master node that is the Magni.

Again, I will let team members who really do this chime in but perhaps this adds some insight in the short term.

Hi, thank so much for your reply, I have actually been trying to take the post down or flag it as resolved but wasn’t sure how to do that.
I’ve since realised my error and been able to use the GUI softwares on the workstation terminal instead of the Raspberry Pi one. Again, thank you for the reply, and my apologies, I’m new many of the aspects of ROS.

I believe desktop-full does install on ARM64 Ubuntu 20.04 Rpi 4, and hence gazebo will work, however it is painfully slow. Also, even desktop-full lacks dependencies required for a Magni. It is possible to build a working 64 Magni image for Noetic, but we haven’t released it yet. Again, any graphic intensive operations burn up a lot of memory and cycles, so running a gui on a robot affects performance.

As another catch, gazebo doesn’t exist for Rpi ARM64 22.04.

Oh I see, not much point in trying to get that to work then, better to just use it off the workstation. Thank you for the reply.