Magni screw/bolt question


I just got the Magni and had 2 questions:
-I don’t seem to have received any screws to attach the sonar kit with so I can’t finish the robot. What size/dimension/pitch screws do I need buy to fit the mounting posts the sonar kit goes on? I will note that there are “post extensions” that came with the robot that can be unscrewed, but I think the sonar kit goes on top of those extensions and the gold kit will go under then when it comes.
-I received a bag with 6 hex bolts and a hex key, but the hex key doesn’t fit any of those bolts in the bag it came with. In fact, it doesn’t seem to fit any screws on the robot at all. What is the hex key for?

  1. The posts are supposed to be left on - that’s correct. When the Magni-Gold sensor kit comes, and if you decide to get it, it attaches to the Sonar board and thus mounts below these attachments.

  2. The sonar board is supposed to attach with M3 screws and these should have been included - however it seems that in this batch the factory made a mistake in kitting and left these out. These are commonly available but if you can’t source them or need us to send them to you then write to with your address and we will send you a set.

  3. The allen wrench that is included enables you to switch battery cables between spade type and loop type connectors. We support both battery types. Again however the factory should have included the correct allen key for you to complete your robot. Again the type that you need is commonly available - if you need us to provide it for you we can send you this.


Thanks, I was able to get the screws and wrench to finish it, and it works great! It’s a huge departure from all of the hacking I usually have to do to get something like this working and get all of the pieces talking to each other. The demos just work out of the box, it’s almost magic.

I did have two more questions that came up during assembly:
-The side sonar sensors are tilted up 45 degrees, sort of like the camera. Is that deliberate? It’s easy enough to bend them back down I just wanted to be sure that wasn’t intended.
-Is there a way to replace the tires on the motors? Not a big deal either way but I was wondering about trying different treads or replacing the treads if I put a lot of distance on it.


The side sonars should not be tilted up and should be perpendicular to the sonar board. I think we will be looking at improving the packaging for the sonars so this doesn’t happen in future batches.

The tyres are welded to the hub of the wheel in the factory but are solid rubber and last for a very long time. It is possible replace the tyre hub and wheel, or even the whole wheel assembly and we can send you spare parts for this if its needed. Its a relatively inexpensive and relatively quick repair.


I received my Magni a few days ago. I too had sensors pointing up but bending them back wasn’t a problem. I do have a bit of a problem with all the assembled screws and bolts though: they appear to have been super-glued together and I haven’t been able to loosen any of them. I have pretty much destroyed the small screws that attach the camera and managed to bend a hex key attempting to remove the top plate. I did manage to get it assembled (using some bolts, some are not really accessible) and it works well. I’m very happy with the robot but i would like to try to add some additional stuff that will necessitate removing the top cover at some point. Could I get a replacement top cover along with the two vertical pieces that are attached to it that aren’t glued together? Or should i first try and force it with a stronger hex key maybe? I don’t think there’s any way to get the camera off without cutting it off and ruing the mount though.


I had the same problem, I think it was a factory mistake because all of the top bolts had Loctite in them, extremely hard to get them off.


Sorry that you are having trouble. The bolts should be tight otherwise after a few days of jiggling around the bolts will come loose and the top plate will rattle. However clearly the bolts should not be so tight as to completely prevent removal of the bolts. We did use loctite to ensure this however I think the factory has been overzealous with their application because you should be able to remove the bolts without damaging tools. Obviously we need to ensure that in the future bolts use less vigorous and more easily controllable anti-vibration protection and we are looking at this now for future robots (and spare parts).

I would try first with a correctly sized hex key (remember the hex keys are all metric) for the top bolts and then we can take it from there.


Managed to apply a bit more force with a rachet/socket set thing and have now successfully removed the top plate. I’m back in business! thanks


It almost damaged my arm, please do not put them together…!


I also have problems with my sonar kit. The offset screws are sealed with locktite and i did not get any screws or hex wrench. Can you either send me a set of them or can you send me a link to get them in Canada.


The screws for the sonar kit are standard M3 screws.