Magni Batteries



Two questions regarding the Magni batteries, the product page say it can support up to 35Ah of lead acid batteries. Can someone share a link to some 35Ah batteries that can fit in the Magni?

Also 35Ah would be around 40 pounds (around 20 kg) of batteries, does that have any effect on the frame or wheels are there is no suspension in the robot? Is it a bad idea to run continuously with 40 pounds of batteries?




Well you can run continuously with these batteries and we have done so - remember that the robot can drive around with a person on top of it so the weight is not an issue. However it does - as you note - make your robot very heavy. We tend not to do it for that reason alone. Lifting a total of 70 pounds of robot + battery in to the back of a vehicle after demos is possible but challenging.

We usually use a 12Ah battery for this reason - they provide about 8 hours or normal operation and so are good for most things.

However if you wish to use a 30+ AH battery a link will follow shortly.


Update to our documentation that describes in details the recommended batteries and has URL of places where they can be bought.