Magni accuracy /repeatability

Hi, is there any data on Magni accuracy? anyone use it to do transferring of item?

Depends on which part you mean. Odometry itself is decently accurate, especially when moving forward and back, but it can introduce a degree or two of drift when rotating 180 degrees.

As such if you keep driving and turning and driving and turning, eventually even if the distance is correct the angular error will add up and the robot will be completely lost. You can improve the angular accuracy by using an IMU rotation instead, but it’s still a relative approach that will inevitably result in drift over time.

What’s typically then done is that the relative measurements are only used between absolute localization passes which correct those errors. E.g. mapping with lidar, AR markers, etc. The accuracy of that is most dependant on the sensors you’re using and the environment, but it’s typically within a few centimetres when set up right.

We have a detailed report on the accuracy of Magni using our EZ-map software and our UR-50 LIDAR.

We characterized this system using a laser surveying “total” station that measured the position of the robot accurate to 2mm.

You can email me on (include a phone number) and I can get you the report if that would help.