Looking for a rigid coupler for Magni


we are from a robotics team based in Singapore and currently looking into the capabilities of using Magni to tow a 200Kg bed in hospital environment. The bed has 4 wheels. We are thinking of a coupler to hold the near-ground bar on the bed once the Magni is in position. May I know if there are any rigid couplers recommended for Magni? Thanks.



Well a coupler is likely not an off the shelf item, however we do sometimes help people make custom parts for their applications. Can you email me on dc@ubiquityrobotics.com with a rough hand-drawn sketch of what you are looking for and we can start the discussion.


Very interesting applicaiton Eric. I suggest you use the very heavy batteries for life of the charge and also to help the Magni keep traction. You will need to be very careful in very slow acceleration or wheels will slip. That is a great deal of weight to pull on a hospital floor that is slick. the large batteries we tell people about are the UB12350 batteries and you would need to use two of them. Be sure to get them for a respected supplier because if the manufacturer makes them wrong or a tiny bit too large they have trouble fitting 2 of them in the Magni. Typically the two batterys side by side must fit in 261mm. In your early tests you could put several dense bricks in the magni for traction. BE VERY CAREFUL OF THE MAX WIDTH SPEC! We have typically 261mm from front to back and that is extremely tight. We know about this and are wanting to widen the payload area but it has not happened yet. Some of the UB12350 vendors say width of 5.2 inches (264mm for 2) and some say 5.14 which is safer but still very tight at 261.1 mm for two. Suggest use thiner one. We found them on batterysharks.com.