Localization when using move_base

Hi everyone, I’ve been trying to use the move_base function with a pre-loaded map to set goals and test the Magni’s ability to navigate around obstacles to reach the goal specified.

The map was created using Gmapping with the move_basic node and driving around using a joystick, then localized using amcl_diff.launch and applying 2D estimates in Rviz.

However, when running the amcl node with the move_base, the map keeps flipping yet when running just move_base the robot cannot figure out where it is.

I am using the Magni with Ubuntu 20.04 and ROS Noetic so the packages and files in magni_lidar as specified in the documentation arent really useful. Any ideas for what I’m missing out on? And my apologies for any missing information in the questions.

Hmm, not sure what’s wrong there, but move_base and its stock localization stack is notoriously difficult to configure properly so it could be any number of things.

I would suggest re-checking if all topics are linked/remapped correctly, if the robot shape is set up correctly, etc.

Thanks for the advice, I’ll check the TF trees and see if there anything that’s not matching.

When analysing the move_base launch file, it seems to still be using the tf node, which I believe is deprecated in favour of tf2, would switching to that solve the issue? I’m not completely sure about the type and name in that case but it would be a starting point to fix the issue.

I am unsure if the map from lidar, sonar and the camera are being integrated correctly, so while in Rviz, check to see what happens when you switch from odom, map, and base_link as default frame.