Livestream raspicam_node


I’m fairly new to ros and I want to stream the Magni’s raspi_cam node image onto an already set up public webpage. I’m wondering if there are any tips, guides or resources I can refer to, to convert the image into H.264 format and live stream on my website? I’m currently reading about doing this through web sockets but dont quite understand it yet.

I found this right off the bat but have not used it myself. Web searches for ROS often hit on many great projects or nodes that can be used. I did something like you are discussing several years back but it was ‘clumbsy’ so I am sure there are ‘cleaner’ ways nowdays.
See middle of this page where I had a fully interactive interface with status and command input and a video screen. I cannot support this now and it may even be broken by now due to web browser differences but you can get the idea that is is certainly possible: FiddlerBot A Thinking Bot- See middle of this page.

The process would be you have a ROS node that subscribes to the ros streaming of the images and then that process converts it and passes it to your webpage server.
I bet that is what this does but I have not looked myself, just know it must be possible.