Interfacing external DC linear actuators


I am trying to interface two 12V DC linear actuators with the Magni-silver so I can use the ROS software package to control the two external motors. I am having trouble figuring out the pin connections to accomplish this task. Do I need to interface through the pi 3+ main board connector pins P701 or Are there other pins on the master control board that provide a hardware pwm output so I can use an h-bridge to drive the two motors?

DC linear actuators:



Hi @Arkantos1695

There are no pins available with hardware PWM output, and AFAIK the Raspberry Pi has pretty limited PWM support.

The easiest solution would be to use a motor controller board that interfaces with something like USB, the RoboClaw line could work.


Is your usage planned for a single robot or are you looking at development for a solution that you would need to produce for production and distribution? I ask this because some solutions are not production ready but may be ok for experimentation or a school project. Sites like sometimes have for example I2C to PWM small boards and on our rev 5.0 and later boards we have an I2C jack and mounting hole that may be of use where the I2C is coming from the Raspberry Pi so is at 3.3V levels. Be sure your board could run on 3.3V levels.