How do I move the Magni on rviz?


Now we are trying the muliti-fiducials location and mapping, and we can see the fiducials on rviz.
Now we want to know how to move Magni on rviz or others ways.



Hi Rohan,

Thanks for taking my call.

As I called you yesterday We need some documentation which helps in moving the robot in multi fiducial slam .

With the instructions in the site

we are able to see the fidicuals in rviz and image.

We would like to have some basic document as well as sample code if possible to move the robot in multi fiducial scenario

Meanwhile we are trying to reverse engineer​

and through chrome browser we get access_Denied to robot


First run our basic navigation system, move_basic.

On the Raspberry Pi, in addition to fiducials
roslaunch magni_nav move_basic.launch

Then in RViz make sure that your fixed frame is /map and then use 2D Nav Goal in RViz to point and click where you want the robot to go. Do small movements at first until you start to get the feel of how the movement works.



Hi Rohan,
Thanks for your help.
We try to roslaunch magni_nav move_basic.launch and use 2D Nav Goal in RViz, but robot can not move.


What is the fixed frame in rviz?

On the side bar it should be under Global options


Hi Robin,
The fixed frame in rviz is map