Ground Based Fudicials or Something Similar

I would like to use the Magni with an Intel RealSense tracking camera (T265). At the end of the test sequence when I return to the start position I need a way to correct the loop closure error and restart from a known position.

Our ceilings are very high (warehouse) and fudicials won’t work. Do you have any suggestions for a ground marking? Would fudicials work if the camera was pointed downward?


Jim W.

We are working on a ground based fiducial system. Please send an email to and we can better discuss your specific need.
Suggest you say Attention David and Vid in the subject line.

Okay, thanks. I sent the email as you suggested.

Yes, we see it and as you know are responding. I think we will have a solution that may meet your needs. Continue this thread on the emails.
Take care and stay healthy, Mark