Ground Based Fudicials or Something Similar

I would like to use the Magni with an Intel RealSense tracking camera (T265). At the end of the test sequence when I return to the start position I need a way to correct the loop closure error and restart from a known position.

Our ceilings are very high (warehouse) and fudicials won’t work. Do you have any suggestions for a ground marking? Would fudicials work if the camera was pointed downward?


Jim W.

We are working on a ground based fiducial system. Please send an email to and we can better discuss your specific need.
Suggest you say Attention David and Vid in the subject line.

Okay, thanks. I sent the email as you suggested.

Yes, we see it and as you know are responding. I think we will have a solution that may meet your needs. Continue this thread on the emails.
Take care and stay healthy, Mark

@jywilson We now have come along nicely in the floor fiducial product. I know I asked you to send to our support email and maybe somebody else answered but I seem to not be getting support emails and have to work that out. Please send me your contact info for email to a different email address of mine which I will get that is the first letter of my first and last name, mark johnston, followed by Sorry for encoding but its a humble attempt to minimize really easy ‘invite’ for spam. Thanks. I will share a demo video.

I have put together code for t265 +d435 along with move_base , i hope someone finds it helpful .

If you could do this same post but as a completely new forum post it would get better visibility to people. Have a completely new title for that thread like ‘Using Realsense T265 to build occupancy grid and navigate with move_base’.

This sounds like a really great post so should be right at the top so people see it. They will not see it here because this thread is on a very different form of navigation.

Very cool, thanks for posting.

okay . I will do that .