Flashing Sonar Board

Good morning I’m new here, I’ve been assigned the Magni Project inside my company after the all Covid ordeal.
After the pause, we at Altran received a brand new Rev 5.2 board that I replaced I think successfully but I noticed while reassembling that the sonar board keeps flashing blue and I read in the documentation that is supposed to flash blue only when initiating for 15 seconds. Any ideas on why it’s flashing I did not put it to work yet since I just replaced the board Friday and reassembled the Magni. Probably is something to do with commands but I noticed that the switches on the board fail too so I had a spot of bother when connecting to the Pi that I solved hardwiring it via eth.
If this is a stupid question I’m sorry first and foremost.
Thank you.



Well generally the slowly flashing light on the sonar board indicates that the wifi has entered access point mode and you can connect to it. The flashing should stop if it’s connected to an outside network.

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Sorry I knew I was kind of a stupid question. Solved. Thank you very much.

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Added info: On rev 5.2 and later MCB boards on the magni this PiFi led is located right on the MCB so that way it can be seen even without use of sonar board.
The MCB board led is on far right about in middle. It does blink in opposite ‘polarity’ to sonar one due to a tradeoff I had to make but it still shows the info for wifi connected or not.