Fiducial problem

Good Day everyone,

I have a few question regarding fiducial and its uses. I been tinkering with the fiducial sensor and I realize that it publish a lot of data within a short period of time.

My first question is, fiducial data from magni robots publishing a lot of data which interfere with my 2d lidar navigation response time and accuracy. When i use the joystick with and without fiducial print the data, I am able to clearly see the effect of latency. May i ask how do I merge both fiducial navigation and 2D lidar without suffering the lactency? because i want to reduce the chances of the robot losing its positioning in the event of a slip or the terrain is changed drastically that the robot lose its position. using fiducial to monitor its position and lidar to navigate. i am trying to make a stable navigation.

The second is, how do i reduce the frame rate of the fiducial. because I am trying to reduce the amount of data publishing from the robot, as this will decrease the processing require to done by the robot.

Are you running a Pi4 yet? It has more ‘suds’ and our recent images since feb of this year support Pi4. Fiducial processing is compute intensive.

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Oh, on second question you reduce the rate of the frames from the raspicam in the raspicam parameters and that can slow down the processing of image topic.

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