Couldn't be able to communicate via FTDI

I’ m using the ubiquity magni silver robot quite few days. Initially, I was able to control robot through teleop using raspberry pi that came along with the robot. I wanted to remove the raspberry pi and control the robot with NVIDIA Jetson as I will be doing object detection task and few more.

Hence I made use of the FTDI port that is available in ubiquity robot and connected it as USB serial device using UART to USB Module, installed the magni robot ( ros package on Jetson.

My attempt was successful when I launched the magni_bringup core launch file and I was able to control the robot with teleop as well. I did changed the serial port in configuration file prior to launching it.

But after sometime, I’m not able to establish communication with the robot and status led is not blinking at this point of time.

I read in the diagnostics that the status led should blink, if the MCU on the magni silver is working properly. I’m not able to perform any other diagnostics since the USB serial communication is broken and the raspberry pi is also not able to communicate to the MCU on the board.

Does it mean that something happened to MCU and it is not functioning properly?

While the mcb is accessed via serial ( uart) the LED status are controlled by GPIO pins. Also the startup sequence relies on pifi to set hostname and other environment variables before ROS starts. Furthermore our current image expects Kinetic, 16.04. A jetson Nano uses 18.04 and Melodic.

You’d be better off upgrading to a Pi 4 and Noetic when we release a new image layer this year, alternatively, leave the Pi as the master node, and run Yolo on the nano. There is adequate 5v to power the nano from the Magni power supplied.

Frankly, I am impressed you got anything to work at all.

Lets debug this in your other thread Status LED is not blinking

Lets no longer post to this thread till the MCB blinking issue is resolved. Thanks