Conveyorbot not turning on STOP marker

Just got the Magni with Conveyorbot. All the markers seem to work except the Stop Marker. On a Stop marker that points in the opposite direction the Conveyorbot is originally moving, the Conveyorbot does not detect the Stop Marker and just keeps going. In debug mode the camera can see the Stop Marker.
But if the Stop Marker is pointing in the direction the Conveyorbot was originally moving, the Conveyorbot detects the Stop Marker, stops and presents the “Continue” button.
I’m using the HD11 fiducials as supplied.
Any suggestions?

This may be intentional behavior. The idea is if you want Conveyorbot to go along some path but it will also return along this path then you want it to not stop on the way out but stop on the way back.
There are several rules and that is why markers have an arrow that indicates the direction of robot travel when the marker is recognized. There are a few rules to learn and I must admit I am not fully up to date on the rules so I ‘think’ this is right but See the documents at Fiducial Markers - Magni Documentation.

I hope I got this right so just keep in mind SOME markers the direction is important. I will ask the team members to look at this post, they will ‘get it right for sure’.

I have now notified the team. To save time, please indicate what image you are using which will be of a particular version of the control software so if there is an issue they can duplicate and/or test this case.

Hi Mark, as I said I’m using the HD11, Pack 1, fiducials that came with the bot. All the Stop fiducials are numbered 8000 up.
How do I determine what image I am using?


Oh, we have a word with 2 meanings. Sorry. I was wondering the Raspberry Pi Image that was being used for the software. I meant the ‘SD Micro software image’. I don’t have a Conveyorbot so I cannot look to see how to determine the software version. I don’t know how to get that from the display since I don’t have one.

We really need one of the team members to help here. They were out over the weekend so maybe one will reply soon now that it is the week.

Hi Mark,
I am using “2022-07-13-conveyorbot-noetic.img.xz”.



this is intended behavior - to ignore opposite GO and STOP markers, as Mark described. You can turn off this feature by changing the line <arg name="ignore_opposite_markers" default="true" /> to <arg name="ignore_opposite_markers" default="false" /> in ground_fiducials/launch/ground_fiducials.launch
Do this if you don’t intend to using multiple robots on the same setup of makers (circuit mode).