Changing start up nodes in Pi Image


I’m interested in changing the nodes which launch when the raspberry PI boots up. I was wondering where the current nodes were initialised, and how I could change them?


Here are the systemd service files that are relevant.

and /etc/systemd/system/magni-base.service

As you can imagine roscore.service launches roscore
magni-base.service starts the core nodes for Magni, our powerful mobile base (

If you look in magni-base.service, you see that it launches the script at /usr/sbin/magni-base
The relevant part of this script is line 32 roslaunch magni_demos teleop.launch & this launches the launch file teleop.launch from the magni_demos package.

If you already have a launch file for the nodes you should make a copy of both /etc/systemd/system/magni-base.service /usr/sbin/magni-base in their respective directories, naming them to whatever is relevant to your robot.

Change your version of the script in /usr/sbin/ to launch the file you want, and your version of the service file in /etc/systemd/system/ to point to your script.

Then run sudo systemctl disable magni-base and sudo systemctl enable {YOUR SERVICE}

If you need help with making the launch files, see the 2nd half of this tutorial