CAD model of Magni?

Hello all!

We have a project where we would like to modify the Magni by adding an additional compartment mounted on top. A CAD drawing, with the locations of mounting holes specified, would be helpful.
Looking through the Ubiquity Robotics website, I was not able to locate such a resource. Could someone point me in the right direction?

Thank you!
Boon Han

We are actively working on what sounds like a very similar project at this time.
I myself am an electrical and software engineer but I am they guy pushing for a vertical layering concept to allow more space for users servos, relays or other boards but still offer a top ‘platform’ like we have today.

I will have to look into how to get you a reply to your query as far as current design files.

Can you tell me if another ‘layer’ with 5cm clearance for components would be enough for your needs?

Thank you, Mark

Hi Mark,
Thank you for helping to get the current design files.
As of now, the current design of the Magni is sufficient for the operation of the Magni.
The project we are currently working on involves adding an entirely new compartment to the Magni to transport a specific payload.
However, the additional layer would be useful, if it is added.
Boon Han

We have also thought about what I will call ‘sidebags’ which would be compartments that attach to the sides. There is no active work on ‘sidebags’ yet but if you tell me the sort of size in cm dimensions that may be of use that would help me for thinking about future enhancements. As I mentioned for the top we have a product enhancement being worked on but do not yet have work on the side compartments.

Although our Raspberry Pi side code is on our public github using open source licenses we do not share our mechanical design files without an NDA.

We do understand the need for us to come up and publish a form of ‘Mechanical API’ of details on the most logical points users are intended to connect to so as to make the sort of task you are describing easier. We have not gotten that far so far so at this time manual measurements are still required for customer modifications.

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I am willing to sign a NDA. Is there any way I could sign it, to obtain access to the mechanical designs? Thank you so much.

Due to space constraints, we are not increasing the footprint of the Magni, but are building the compartment on top of the Magni. Currently each compartment is roughly 300mm (L) x 300mm (B) x 200 mm (H). We are planning on putting two of these compartments on top of the Magni. For our application currently, side-bags would not be useful, but they might be useful for future projects. A detachable side/top bag might become very useful in the future.

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