Broken power cable on Magni


The power cable is broken and we need help in fixing it .Please let us know whom to approach on this


One more file attached


Oh my, did your robot arrive like this?

Please email us at and CC me ( and we can work on getting you a replacement charge port.



Hi @rohbotics ,
I emailed you please let us know how to fix it ?
Since we are dealing with HW ,I think it is good that we come to your office ( we are in Santa Clara) and get it fixed.


@davecrawley should have emailed you with information on getting you a replacement powerjack/swichboard.

Please note that the robot you have is a engineering sample, and the production robots have a different, stronger power jack on them, so you should have less issues in the future.



Something like this should get you charging in the meantime.



Another option:, price comes about about the same after factoring in 2 Day shipping however.



By the way thank you for this report. The next iteration of Magni (the version that is currently shipping) has an improved design around this part - it should be much stronger and break less frequently.