Battery Charger Problem

Hello, my battery charger for the Magni robot, is no longer working. When plugged in, none of the indicator LEDs light up. LED1 is on when connected to the robot plug, but LED2 which should indicate the charging procedure does not turn on, as well as charging does not occur. I performed all the basic continuity tests, and could not identify any problems.

Is it possible to purchase a new charger separately?

Hmm yeah it does sound like it may be the charger, since they usually light up even if not plugged into the robot at all. And yes as long as it’s a replacement part you can purchase it separately, contact and we can sort it out.

While waiting for a new charger, it is possible to remove the batteries and charge them separately with a charger for 12v batteries. I would also check to see if the fuse on the back of the charger, (near the power cord) is blown. It should be easy to replace. I would test to see if the output of the charger was OK, about 28 volts.

Another thought, check to see if the 115/230 switch is set correctly, also the fuse on the Magni.

If while not connected to the Magni, and only the red LED is on, the unit is probably faulty. You can check to see if it is putting out the correct voltage

I think the pin out looks like:.

(-) (+)


VOM attached to - + should read about 28-29v