Aux power and the non Aux?

Hello All, what’s the difference between using the Aux power and the non Aux?

We very much want users to use the Aux power because the Aux power if your devices have large spikes in current usage is safest. The Main power is ok to use if you are very sure your device is not ‘power hungry’ or ‘spikey’ in current usage.

So in ‘theory’ the only difference is there is less risk to the magni product if you don’t use the main power but it is usable. Because users can plug ANY darn thing in at all it makes there be some chance that your high current usage of Main 5V power ‘could’ lead to reboots and so on on the raspberry Pi.

I hope this helps you understand the risk tradeoffs.

Also note that you are certainly able to split your own wires off of the Aux power to go to more than one place using a splitter cable that was very common in older PCs but certainly available on ebay and so on if that is your problem.

Also note that recent MCB boards if this is for a 12V fan have a separate 12V only fan power connector very low on the board near the center on top.

Many thanks…that was useful