12volts query on the mainboard

Hi Support, All,

I’m reading this https://learn.ubiquityrobotics.com/Magni_MCB_pinout.pdf

but I’m confused,

Can you tell me if there is a 12 Volts output with ground on the mainboard (as output)? I need to connect something to it with 12 volts,


Yes indeed, those are outputs for 5 and 12 volts, where you can attach loads up to 4A and 6.5A respectively. The two ground wires each correspond to the live ones beside them, although it is pretty clear from the schematic that the grounds are connected together so it really doesn’t matter which one you use.

We prefer you use the white ‘pc style’ 4-pin jack at the top labeled ‘Aux’ first.
It is clearly marked with 12V and 5V and a standard molex connector like used for PC power supplies from a decade ago.

Hi @MoffKalast, @mjstn2011

I’m still confused, can you please circle for me where in the board (front side below) or backside that I can connect a positive and ground wire to it for output? to my device.

or tell me directly which connector on this diagram please,


I have just made this picture and will work this into the documents since there was some confusion this picture will help you and others. Thanks


@mjstn2011, great, this looks much more clearer and direct,

so what you mean is I need to buy this cable below for instance and I should connect to the AUX molex socket first and I will get an output of 12Volts right? (and already regulated as well?) and the right two pins are ground and 12V (positive) right?



Your setup would be cleanest if you get that cable.
You are correct, the far right is 12V and the pin just to it’s left is ground.
yes it is regulated. I use this from time to time for 12V devices on my setup.

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ok thanks @mjstn2011