Why did the workstation need to have WIFI capabilities?

Hello, im new here, and need some help!

As stated on this article: https://learn.ubiquityrobotics.com/need_to_know#communications you´ve quoted this: "The workstation must have WiFi capability. That is, it must be able to connect wirelessly to a router or access point. Most laptops do, many desktops don’t."

This doesent make sense to me because if i connect the robot to the same network as the workstation is connected in via rj45 cable, why do i need to have wifi on my workstation?

Please enlight-me!

Many thanks to you all! And i hope i can get the help i need here!

I can add WIFI capabilities to the workstation but that seems unecessary to me! But i might missing something here!

WiFi is used purely for network connectivity. Of course, you can connect to the Raspberry Pi using wired ethernet. However usually if the robot is driving around this is problematic.

Our documentation is oriented around using WiFi and we’ve enabled the robot with various utilities that make ‘headless’ WiFi setup possible. But if you want to connect directly to the wired ethernet go ahead - just be aware that cables attached to moving robots are not exactly safe.

i was making the biggest confusion in my head! its solved now! thanks Dave