What type of Raspberry PI to purchase for testing?


I would like to test the ubiquity software for the mobile robot. I wanna bye a raspberry PI for testing. Could you please advise me what is the correct raspberry pi for this purpose?

Raspberry PI 3 model B+
Raspberry PI 3 model B
Raspberry PI 4 model B 4GB

Is it necessary to bye a raspbery PI camera v2 for testing too?

I would like to ask about the software. I’ve started the Magni Simulator. I can control with the integrated plugin the virtual robot platform. Is it possible to control the real magni robot with the same plugin?
Is there any example how to take a map of my room. Then I would like to set desired coordinates in my room and after the magni robot according to these coordinates to execute alone the motion trajectory?

Thank you

Am letting others chime in on the last part of your question. Have fun and learn stuff!

Depending on your budget you can use either of these nicely with our image:
Raspberry PI 3 model B+
Raspberry PI 4 model B 4GB

Please be sure to use a very current image for the Pi 4.

You do not have to get the camera unless you feel you would like to do things with vision such as fiducial recognition which is kind of cool stuff to play with but it’s optional.

If you don’t have a robot yet you may want to disable our parts of our software that control the Magni. I wrote up a page to help people in those areas here: