VNC issues with last Noetic + GDM3

Goodmorning! I am using your latest version of ubiquity base with noetic and GDM3 on my raspi 3B+ with an SD of 32Gb, I need to connect to it through VNC in order to see the pi camera, but the normal installing procedure in order to install tightvncserver make the system crash, there is a better way to do this?

Thank you so much!


Hmm, it may be a better approach to set up something like Zerotier to get network access and then running a streamer node like web_video_server. Then you should be able to see the camera stream in the browser, likely with a lot less latency too than through vnc.

That is an interesting solution! I see the functionality of web_video_server but i don’t understand for what Zerotier should be used for. Is it a way to connect to the camera streaming even if I am not in the same local net?

Is it a way to connect to the camera streaming even if I am not in the same local net?

Yep, if you’re doing it on the same network just going with the video server should be all you need, otherwise a VPN or port forwarding would be needed. Going with a VPN is typically the safer choice.

Great, I’m doing it in the same network for now, so I’ll just avoid it. But having no experience with VPN, in the case I would decide to try to use it in the future, there are some guidelines to follow in order to learn how to do it?

Well I suppose what you really need isn’t a VPN in the typical commercial sense, but just a virtual network. Setting up an OpenVPN or Wireguard instance on your robot’s network should let you connect with a client from anywhere.

The option I mentioned before (Zerotier) is a bit different, since it’s not a VPN per se but a P2P hole punching service that lets two clients make a direct virtual network between them. Looking up any one of these should yield substantial setup guides.

all clear! Thank you so much :star_struck:

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