Using rviz to Monitor Map Creation


I am trying to create a global map for navigation with a Magni Silver according to the tutorials found at…. When I use rviz to visualize and monitor my map creation, it gives me this error message: “Could not find a connection between ‘odom’ and ‘base_link’ because they are not part of the same tree.Tf has two or more unconnected trees”. On rviz, the image tab says “no image received” and the image window at the bottom left says “no image”. I believe the above error message is the root of the problem. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? Any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated.

(The camera doesn’t seem to be the problem as it is able to detect the fiducial markers I had placed on the ceiling and is updating the map with the information.)

Below is a snippet of the output with the error message I am receiving:

Rviz is run on a linux laptop or other linux box.
In order to do this you have a few choices so see this page and in the middle of the page it is very important to setup the ROS_MASTER_URI to point to the Magni which will be the ROS master.


Can you run rosrun rqt_tf_tree rqt_tf_tree and post a screenshot?

It sounds like your TF tree is broken for some reason.



Below is my TF tree. Hope you are able to help solve my problem.

Is that with fiducals running? Sorry if I wasn’t clear, but could you send the TF tree while you are running the fiducial node and getting those errors.