Using Realsense T265 to build occupancy grid and navigate with move_base

Hi guys , i have managed managed to put together the move_base navigation stack using the

  • T265

  • D435

You could try this on your Magni-Robot’s .

Perhaps create an automated mechanism to mark the global positions of the fiducials and use move_basic more effectively .


Wow! This is really cool! Thanks for the post!

Hi there, may i ask how do u process the intel realsense data? is it through the raspberry pi or do u use your computer to process the intel realsense data?

Hi @aster , I am using a Nvidia Jetson Nano to do the processing . Its fast enough to handle such stuff .

I have a 8GB RPI4 lying around , i will test it on it and confirm the same too .

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hi @chrissunny94, i tried using pi4. but apprently i am having issue with compatibility of armhf. did u encounter the same problem?


You would need to compile the librealsense from source , i couldnt seem to install them via apt-get

Use the following script .

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hi @chrissunny94. i did manage to get it to install the realsense view. but i found out that i am unable to publish the d435 data. once i try typing the code to run. it causes the connection between my rp and pc to disconnected. i am using pi4 atm. how do u manage to collect the d435 data? did u publish from the rp4 while ur pc subscribe it? or u direct connect ur monitor to ur rp4?

As u can see on the picture below. it stuck here the moment i tried to get it to published its data

fixed the problem. apparently 1 of the usb 3.0 is having an issue. after switching it over to the other usb 3.0. it works perfectly
but with noticable delay


Awesome . Thanks for updating .