Using catkin build after using catkin_make

Hi guys, so I’ve been using “catkin_make” to build packages, but there is this package that can only be built using “catkin build” (neither catkin_make nor catkin_make_isolated) and it’s giving me such a hard time building it. When I tried to run “catkin build” in the catkin_ws directory, it gave me the following error

So how can I fix this problem? Also, in future if possible, how can I use both “catkin_make” and “catkin build” together without going in much pain?

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Hi @Beedz,

Sorry your message got stuck in the moderation queue. You can remove the build and devel folders, and then transition to using catkin build exclusively. You may have to make some changes to .bashrc to make sure you are sourcing correctly still. You could also create a separate workspace for catkin build projects and source both of them in your .bashrc.

Hope that helps.

Rohan Agrawal

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