Upgrading Rpi 4 to jetson

Hi everyone, I am having issue with the magni raspberry pi processing speed. I am planning to upgrade it to jetson xavier nx, this will enable better performance for my application which I am currently doing. but the problem I am facing is, how do I change my raspberry pi into jetson? is there any guide or tutorial for this ?

I think the best way to go about it would be to use a Multi ROS system .


Keep the RPI as it is , let it control the motor controllers and the other base hardware .

Keep the Jetson nano connected via a Ethernet to the RPI .

This way you could have some added redundancy .

Porting everything thats already working on the RPI will be a pain-full process without much rewards .

Besides , i dont thing the Jetson nano would sit in the location where the RPI sits
(I dont think there is space there)

PS- I dont have a magni now , i had one about 2 years back and its from memory i am speaking .


@MoffKalast , If the more compute intensive applications like SLAM and Navigation stack could be running on a different more capable SoC such as the Jetson and the RPI is just acting as a controller to manage the base hardware such as the motors , encoders , BMS . This would mean that even if the Jetson were to crash somehow , the RPI would still be up .

With full Gigabit Level Ethernet ports now found on the latest RPI boards , i think latency would be virtually a thing of the past .

I agree there are some uncertianities to manage shutdown and reboot .

Good point with the GPIO extender , yes that would definitely work !

I don’t think this has anything to do with the word redundancy, in fact you’re just adding more failure points so it’s quite the opposite, and it becomes way harder to power down the robot safely.

That’s not an issue if you have one of these, you can mount it anywhere.

Well assuming you can install an OS that has ROS package support (very specific versions of Debian and Ubuntu) and the right kernel for GPIO support, then it should be easy enough to set the rest up. You’d need to install pigpio and clone the required ubiquity repositories from git.

I don’t think anyone’s tried yet though, the Xavier is fairly new and rather pricey.

That doesn’t really help though, it just means that if either of the systems crashes the entire robot stops working, and you also have the cable and networking as a breaking point.

I can confirm to you that the latency is fine as I’ve already worked on such a system (two Pis, each controlling its own MCB, ethernet ROS link between them) and it does work but it brings a lot of headaches with it. I’d really really advise against it unless there is no other option.

@MoffKalast, well it does not have to be just jetson xavier, i am trying to switch into a better processing unit, raspberry pi is unable to properly run my realsense and also lidar navigation.

I agreed on this part here, less is better since its not the same model. creating redundancy will be a headache. i planning to switch out the raspberry pi and completely replacing it

Did anyone manage to switch out raspberry pi to other processing unit ?