Ubuntu 18.04 fails to boot when connected to magni on rpi, works fine when disconnected


We are running a magni silver robot using a raspberry pi 4 with ubuntu server 18.04 on it because we want to use an intel realsense camera and could not get it to work on the image provided by ubiquity (intel realsense d435). The camera works fine, the packages from ubiquity’s github were downloaded and compiled on the rpi but when connecting the rpi using the GPIO pins, the rpi fails to boot. I found a document made by someone who ported the magni files to ubuntu 20.04 and mentioned that it was due to a serial problem in ubuntu: “It mixed up ttyS0 and ttyAMA0” which makes the magni interrupt the boot sequence. We are trying to modify the boot/config file to see if we can fix this issue, any suggestions?

You probably need to add dtoverlay=miniuart-bt to your config.txt to swap S0 and AMA0. You also need to make sure all forms of serial console are turned off, both in /boot/cmdline.txt and by disabling the getty serial service.


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