Ubiquity ROS Noetic Raspberry Pi Image Beta2

Hi Everyone,

We are happy to announce that we are ready for the second public beta of our long-awaited Ubuntu 20.04 + ROS Noetic image.

You can download the beta here: https://ubiquity-pi-image.sfo2.digitaloceanspaces.com/2022-03-29-ubiquity-gdm3-beta2-testing-focal-raspberry-pi.img.xz (~1000MB)

Please note the following:

  • The firmware upgrade script still has not been ported to py3, but we’ve implemented a workaround with python2 for now. The instructions for using it stay completely the same as in xenial.
  • The desktop environment is gdm3, the touchscreen keyboard might not register keystrokes at first - in this case just tap delete button once and it should start working
  • roscore and magni-base still start on boot, if you don’t want this please disable roscore.service and magni-base.service respectively.
  • This is still an 32-bit armhf image, so ROS2 is not available over apt-get. Because raspicam/mmal support for 64-bit arm64 is still a work in progress, we decided to stick with 32 bit for now.
  • Ethernet is handled by systemd-networkd instead of ifupdown. The ifupdown service is not installed, so changes /etc/network/interfaces will have no effect.
  • pifi buttons and leds are not working at the moment.

The pifi SSID will be pi-focalXXXX and the wifi password is still robotseverywhere. The Linux login is still ubuntu with the password ubuntu.

Any feedback on this image would be welcome.

Lets also keep all the discussion of this beta image in this thread.

Ubiquity Robotics

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Is this supposed to work with Rev 1.4 Pi 4 board or no go?

Nevermind, I have a Rev 1.5 pi 4. That’s why it doesn’t work.

If your boot is locking up for this Rev 1.5 Pi4 we would very much like to see your console output seen on an HDMI monitor on the Pi4 for the failed bootup with our image.

We got caught by surprise by Pi4 v1.4 and are ‘discouraged’ that this 1.5 is now upon us.

For when they make the rev incompatible our images fail and we have to integrate in support for the new hardware. Normally at the end of the boot screen it would say a few key things.

If you could post here a picture of an HDMI monitor showing the ‘you need new softrware’ message it would be valuable to us. (we have no v1.5 pi4 units)

I can assure you this is now at the very TOP of our list as an emergency!

Thank you so very much for your discovery although it is leading you to some ‘pain’ it is ever so important that we sort this out and get this fixed for you and any other persons hitting this recent issue.

Thanks, mark

Here you go, already shared it with one of your team members.

Ok, thanks. I did get this from him but was not sure if it was from another guy that also hit this about same time you did. We are working hard to resolve this.