UART Voltage Level

What are the voltage levels for P507 and P508?

P507 caries the Raspberry Pi to motor controller level converters at 3.3 logic levels (Raspberry Pi levels)
Pin 1 is the Raspberry Pi Serial receive, Pin 2 is the Raspberry Pi Serial transmit

P508 is connected to the processor on the motor controller and these signals are 5V logic levels.
Ground is ground and Vcc is 5 volts. Pin4 is the processor Transmit and Pin5 is the processor Receive

As of firmware versions up to and including 30 the baud rate is 38400

IMPORTANT: Only monitor these signals, they go between the Raspberry Pi and our processor. None are to be considered inputs in a working Magni Robot.

Just a short note - obviously on Magni Silver we have a Raspberry Pi computer there that sends and receives inputs to the Master Control board so absolutely these should be for signal monitoring only in those cases. On Magni Bronze, which has no computer and you need to connect your own obviously these connectors are there for your needs. As you will note P508 follows the format of a FTDI USB-serial dongle. So you can purchase one of these, plug it directly in to the master control board and talk directly to the motor controller.