The journey of Magni the logistic bot

I will share with you the journey of Magni the logistic robot.
I’m Sylvain, I am working in e-commerce and I started this project to see if magni could help me with the logistics. I have a 10 000m2 warehouse and my company sells around 10 000 items per day. Logistic is a struggle and I am just exiting a 3 month period of logistic nightmare where the capacity went down to 3 000 items per day.

Personally I love robots and every few years I start a little project to explore the subject. I’m a software developer and I have no knowledge about electronics and robotics.

Great! We are delighted to see what you come up with.

Thanks :slight_smile:
Day 0

The goal of the first day is to mount the robot, connect to it, take basic control and finish the installation tutoriel.

It went great for the battery, powering, connecting and I was able to make it move easily:

For the camera it was harder, I bend a little the cable will plugging it

The raspberry didn’t saw the camera. I changed the cable then the camera and it seems the camera was not working. I replaced it with one from a previous project and ordered the same model as the original to avoid getting compatibility issues.

For the sonar following the tutorial was enough.

While testing the movement capabilities with the keyboard control, I increased the speed and I screwed up and hit the only cart in the warehouse that is the perfect height to damage the sonar board. The sonar still responds but I will have to test if it still works correctly. The led and 2 standoff are broken.

Next goal is to continue the tutoriel to learn about magni and the software.

The main goal is to have Magni be able to move autonomously in the warehouse.

my brother is not a racing driver either:

Day 1
I got the wifi working, the workstation working and I’m now able to visualize the camera feed in rviz.
The following fiducial script doesn’t work yet but I think I need to configure magni for the V1 camera.
I read a lot about ROS, topics and nodes and I love how it is organized.
I’m still discovering how the navigation part works, it is not clear yet what is done by ros and what is done by Magni.
Next step is testing the sonar to see if I damaged it and get the camera working properly so I can play with navigation, map and fiducial :slight_smile: